Mary McCarthy Books

Archetypal Illuminations 2004
edition of three
7 3/4"x 6 1/8"x 1"
unfolds to 33 1/2" x 13 1/2"
small book of text 2"x 2 1/8"x 5/16"
book is Davey board panels covered with purple suede cloth and Japanese rayon gold blue textured cloth. Door opening is crinkled gold/black paper with magnets. Small book is Japanese gold Ginka cloth spine yusen black/gold dot paper over .02 board with magnet.
Text is computer printed in gold 9pt. on Crane premium paper, cream.
Premise of the book is the connections various cultures and religions have throughout time by use of the same numbers; 3,4,& 7, shapes; circle, square and triangle, and colors: red white black and yellow. The book unrolls into an alter like sculpture.